Thursday, February 28, 2013


I love TED talks. They are always so inspirational, and this young man (he's thirteen) is no exception. Funny that he's figured it out - already. The question what do you want to "be"? is not the same as what do you want to "do"?

Check out Logan LePlante on what we should really be teaching.


  1. Listened the this the other day, he really is a great advert for home education, though the title is a bit of a gimmick in that what he describes is basically autonomous education. So not news to me, but a great message brilliantly presented.
    best wishes

  2. Interesting, articulate kid. I do have to wonder what his parents income is to be able to do this? Or his social skills, if he's exposed to very limited group of other kids? We promote a lot of creativity at our school- we do "snow school" for 4/5th graders at a local ski resort. 2 days of snow survival, ice studies, etc. We offer- guitar, band, drums, free ceramics after school, PE 5 days a week for 5th/6th grade, job shadowing and more. We're considered the most innovative school in Boise, that's not a magnet/charter school. It just takes a leader with vision, who's willing to buck the system a bit. Not all schools suck, just like all homeschooling parents aren't religious fanatics writing their own version of history..