Thursday, January 24, 2013

Would You Sign My Yearbook?

Back in the day, when I was a highschooler, we spent the last many weeks dragging our yearbooks around with us, getting our friends to sign the pages. Most of the time the inscription went something like "Your [sic] really nice and I like you a lot. I hope we get to hangout in [insert subject or teacher's name] class next year."

Some people tried to be creative and write silly poems, or the truly imaginative might put a signature in the crease of the binding and declare, "I signed your crack."

We were kids.

I've made the equivalent (sort of) of a yearbook here on my blog, and I wanted to encourage those of you who also have blogs, in particular (but not necessarily) if your blogs have to do with homesteading (especially in small spaces), frugal living, or life-made-by-hand, to sign my blog book.

And add your blog address.

I figure, in this way, we can all connect to one another, because as humans, we are social animals, and we need community. If we can't find like-minded people in our actual physical environment, it is wonderful to find them here, online, where at least we can congregate and realize that:
1. We're not alone; and
2. We're not weird (at least in the respect of our lifestyle choices and concerns for the future ;).

When you get a chance, please sign my yearbook, but since there is no crease, don't think you get to sign the crack.