Monday, January 14, 2013

Food From the Farm ... My Farm

I made eggs for dinner. We haven't had eggs since before Thanksgiving. In fact, I think I used the last few our chickens gave us for our Harvest Dinner celebration.

I probably could have bought some eggs somewhere, but it seems ... wrong ... to buy eggs when we have all of those chickens in the backyard who just need a little time to rest before they start laying again.

For at least two of the Ladies, the rest period is over, and we're being gifted a couple of eggs each day.

There's just nothing quite like a home grown egg, fried and put on top of some hashbrowns made from local potatoes, accompanied by a salad of sprouts from my kitchen and a piece of sausage from the pigshare we purchased in the fall. Dessert was an apple.

It was a very simple meal (I also made pancakes for the girls) ... and quite simply delicious.


  1. Yay! You're back. Missed you...

  2. I can't have my own chickens, but I've started buying organic, pastured eggs from a local(ish) farm - made a fried egg sandwich the other day and it was SO GOOD. Fried egg over easy with a little salt, a few shavings of sharp cheddar, and a freshly toasted english muffin. Heavenly. I had two and didn't regret it in the least.

    They are superior in taste to conventional eggs, too.

  3. I like them a way that I read about in The More-With-Less Cookbook (All Hail Doris Janzen Longacre)

    Take rice (I use left over), heat it up, put tomato sauce on top and then top that with an egg with a runny yolk. Nom, nom, nom!

  4. We were spoiled with 'real' eggs while living overseas. Now, my son will only eat Aunty Gail's eggs! We'll be getting our own flock this spring. We can't wait.
    (I had a local apple for desert tonight too!)

  5. We have around 18 chickens at the in-laws—2 roosters and the rest hens. It's a rare day that the wife doesn't pickup at least a few eggs. I don't remember ever running short, although I guess they've slacked off a little for winter.

    Just gotta watch for spots. :-P

  6. We've found that the older our chickens get, the less they lay. This year, we got a few new laying hens, but in our older flock of four the youngest is going on three years old, and the oldest is seven this year. So, those ladies weren't laying much anyway, and the new hens are only six months old, so they haven't started laying, yet. When the days get a bit longer, and they're all getting a bit more sunlight, they'll start laying, and we'll be innudated, I'm sure.

    We have no roosters, and so we don't need to look for spots ;).