Monday, December 10, 2012

Dropped the Ball; Picked It Back Up - 21 Days to Prepare

I dropped the ball on posting links to New Society Publisher's 21 Days to Prepare blog posts, and there have been some excellent ones, especially John's and Lisa's tomato sauce post. Sounds delicious, and a super easy and energy efficient way to store summer's bounty for later use. Check it out here: Try Something New for a Sunday Dinner. One of my favorite bloggers and fellow NSP author, John Michael Greer offers Peak Oil Advice from German Poets on day 8 of the countdown. On Day 7, Peter Bane discussed Permaculture: How I'm Preparing for a Local Future - a topic close to our hearts. Day 6 of the preparedness countdown was Cecile Andrews' great article, Conversation Skills You Needed Yesterday. Now, I'm caught up ... maybe I won't get behind again ;).

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