Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ode to Snow

Deus Ex Machina woke me this morning saying, "It's snowing."

I love the snow. I said it my first Christmas in Maine, and the natives scoffed at me.

"Just wait," they chuckled. "You'll learn to hate it."

I'm still waiting.

Don't get me wrong. I don't love shoveling, and I don't love driving in the snow. Snowplows on the road scare me, and I've had at least two snow-related driving incidents since I've been here - one that ended with a missing taillight when my rear end hit a utility pool after I spun off the road in a snowstorm.

But I love the quiet beauty of a snowstorm, and I love how the snow blankets everything with a clean purity, and how it muffles the noise of civilization. I love how, even in the middle of the night, during the winter, when the snow is covering the ground, everything is bright.

I never noticed how dark it is in my yard until the snow melted one spring, and I looked out and realized I couldn't see anything. And even though I wanted to plant my garden, I still wished, in that brief moment, for just one more night of snow.

As the seasons change, it's been an annual tradition to make cut-outs in honor of the transition. In the spring it's flowers. In the fall it's leaves (or something Halloween-related ;)).

This morning, when Deus Ex Machina woke me, I realized we have been so busy that we've forgotten our tradition. We cleaned the windows a few weeks ago, but didn't put anything back up.

This morning, I slowed the pulse of my busy-ness and cut paper - snowflakes to go on the windows.

I'm ready for the snow ... and after fifteen years of living and loving in Maine, I'm still not tired of it.

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  1. I grew up on bases/forts mostly in the desert so it wasn't until I was an adult and living in Iceland that I understood the "hush" of snow I always read about in books. You are right, its a mystical and wonderful kind of quiet. But I'm going back to the desert. I like a blistering heat. LOL!