Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gratitude: Day Three

I don't have a credit card.

I don't have an ATM card.

I don't carry my check book with me.

I often have very little to no cash in my wallet.

I don't have a cellphone.

I spend a lot of time driving on back roads where there are very few gas stations and no pay phones.

If I run out of gasoline, it could mean walking as much as twelve miles to get home.

Think I ever worry about any of those things?

The other day I was driving along, and I looked down at the gas gauge. It was full, and I realized that there have been very few times - only a handful, really - when the gas gauge was near that E. In almost all of those instances, I've had enough cash that I could put a bit of gasoline in my car to, at least, get me and my girls back home.

I am very grateful to Deus Ex Machina for making sure that I don't get stranded. He makes life a lot easier for me.

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