Monday, November 5, 2012

Gratitude: Day Five

We had just the craziest weekend one could imagine. It started with Deus Ex Machina on Friday night having practice for the play he (and two of our daughters) is in. Saturday was a usual dance-busy day followed by a not usual dance-busy night, and the busy, busy-ness culminated in a drive to the Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire to see our music teacher performing the Mark O'Connor Fiddle Concerto on Sunday.

It was one of those non-stop crazy whirlwind adventures that we often seem to find ourselves in, and it's wonderful, because we are so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by these amazingly talented people who are completely willing to share their expertise and talent with us - as teachers, mentors and friends.

Sometimes, though, I just want to curl up, at home, and have nothing to do. Or rather, I want an opportunity to stay home and do all of those things that aren't getting done on the homestead, because we're so busy doing other things.

And then, I realize that I really do have enough time to do both.

Which is what I did this weekend. On Sunday, I took an hour or so and went outside, and (finally) planted my garlic. It was a two-step process, and I envisioned it many times in my head - clean out the bed, plant the garlic has been a running scenario in my head for a couple of weeks.

I keep hearing rumors that we're going to get hit by a Nor'easter this week. The rumors are just quiet little whispers, and so, perhaps, it will just be another rainstorm, or perhaps, since it is just whispers, this time it will be what everyone feared from the last couple of big storms that came our way.

Either way, the garlic is planted, and I'm incredibly thankful that I didn't miss the window because I played the movie in my head instead of just taking the time to put the thoughts into action.

Next summer, when I'm harvesting garlic and next winter, when we're eating the garlic I planted, I'll have another chance to be thankful.

Afterall, gratitude is cumulative - the more one expresses thanks, the more one realizes one has to be thankful for.

And that really is what it's all about.

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