Friday, November 9, 2012

Gratitude: Day 9

For many reasons, I decided not to take a tap class this year. There was just too much going on when tap class started, and I didn't think that I could add anything else to my plate.

At the school where I took tap, and where my daughters dance a collective 20+ hours per week (yes, getting them to and from dance class is the equivalent of a part-time job for me ;)), performance is a big part of the experience. In addition to the annual recital, there are multiple opportunities throughout the year for performing, which I think is just amazing, because, to me, the arts are all about sharing.

One of the annual events is the Festival of Feet, which is a tap dancing show. Last year, as a tapper, my whole tap class participated, but since I'm not taking dance classes this year, I just assumed that I wouldn't be dancing the Festival of Feet this year.

Someone had a different plan, and last night, I worked with Little Fire Faery, two other moms and their daughters to learn a mom/daughter dance.

It's just such an incredible thing - all of it: that my daughter wants to dance with me, that the dance school owner is willing to take the time and energy to, essentially, give us a free class, that the other moms are interested in doing the dance, too.

I am so thankful that we have found this dance family ... and that Little Fire Faery isn't embarrassed to be seen on stage with me.

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  1. My duet with Weather Lad is one of the highlights of my dance career. I hope yours is as magical as mine was.