Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Missed ... By That Much

We were fortunate. The storm missed our little eco-pocket, and with the exception of a bit of rain and some pretty strong wind gusts, we remained untouched. We lost power for a total of ten seconds, and while I haven't checked, from the inside looking out, there appears to be no damage.

On his way home from work, Deus Ex Machina encountered a downed utility pole and some closed roads. He had to take a different route home. But, for us, that was the worst of it.

It looks like we'll still have some wind (although I live in a area with an average of 14 mph winds all of the time, and so it just may be usual weather for us), but the clouds seem to be clearing, and it looks like it might be a hang-the-laundry-on-the-line day.

I know there are areas that weren't as fortunate as we. Reports during the storm indicated some flooding in New York and New Jersey. I heard there was snow in the mountains. Pictures from the beaches here showed the intense waves.

There are reports of widespread power outages, and I know some places, in my area, lost power.

Over the next few days and weeks, as the effects of the storm are reported, those in the worst hit areas will remain in our thoughts and hearts.

Be well. Be safe.


  1. We are north of you, and we missed it as well. Although, I was up half the night expecting our house to blow over (the concerns of living in an 1880's built house!).

    All of the damage in the major cities is really concerning though. This has made me really think about how prepared I actually am. Even though I have read all the books (including yours!) and have the information, it still seems quite daunting to be able to really prepare.

    It will be something my husband and I start acting on immediately.

  2. We got nailed. Basically the lack of hot water is what irks me the most. Other than that, it's not bad. I've got the ghetto refrigerator hanging out of my bedroom window and plenty of candles and flashlights. We're on Day 4 with no power and they're telling us it will be another 7 days w/no power.