Friday, August 3, 2012

Explaining Why

While my daughters will and do help us forage, they aren't always as enthusiastic to try the new food as Deus Ex Machina and I are. Getting out and foraging is just fun, right now, and really, Deus Ex Machina and I aren't hardcore about the process. He and I are very focused when we go out, with a certain goal in mind (i.e. fill this container and then we go home), but we're okay if the girls lose interest and do something else, like playing lion versus gazelle in the tall grass.

The other day we watched a movie that was set in New York City in the 1930s. The family in the movie was struggling just to eat. There was never enough food, and they were always on the brink of having their electricity disconnected. Eventually, they did, and there were no lights and no heat (except when they could scavenge wood to burn from a billboard sign).

During one, particularly brutal scene where the little girl asked for seoonds and was told that she needed to save some for her brothers, I mentioned that the reason we were learning to forage was so that we never had to worry about that sort of thing. Even if we can't afford to buy a lot of food, if we know what to look for, we can find something to eat.

I don't know if my girls heard my message or not, but I imagine, at some point in their lives, they will remember these days of foraging with a tiny little smile about how fun it was to go out and play while Mom and Dad hunted for food.

At very least, there are a lot of good stories :).


  1. Wendy what was the movie you watched? It sounds really interesting. Thanks, Elizabeth

  2. Sometimes when we think they aren't learning they are soaking the lessons up like a sponge. Learning to entertain yourself when you get bored is also an excellent lesson. Sounds like they have learned something, the other will become more obvious as they get older.