Monday, July 9, 2012

Target Practice

"Dad, can we go shoot three?"

That's my teenaged daughter asking to go outside for some target practice with bow and arrow.

And she's actually pretty good.

We went to a local sporting goods store the other day. Deus Ex Machina thinks Big Little Sister is ready for a bow with a heavier draw, and she's been pestering him to go hunting for a couple of years(don't ask me. I don't know where that came from), but Maine law requires a minimum of a 35 lbs draw when bowhunting. Her bow isn't quite that hefty, and we needed to see where she was with regard to how much weight she can pull.

The guy at the archery range started fitting her for the bow. He made a lot of assumptions, like that she would want the trigger, perhaps because she's a very slender girl, he thought that she hadn't shot a bow before ... or maybe it's just that that's how most people do it. When he finally looked at her, he realized that he wasn't looking at a child.

And, then, I think she impressed him, a little, when she asked if she could just use her fingers, because the trigger-thing was confusing and awkward for her, seeing as how she'd been shooting for a number of years without it.

I think she really impressed him when she hit the black dot, dead center - not with all three arrows, but she was shooting an unfamiliar weapon with a much heavier draw than she's used to, using equipment (the glove) that she'd never used before and she got a Bull's Eye.

Anyway, even if the guy wasn't impressed, I am. I think she's the coolest teenager in the world, and I wish I'd had half her amazingness when I was her age.

We didn't get Big Little Sister a new bow, yet, but we did fully outfit her two, younger sisters with slingshots ... and they've been practicing, too.

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