Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes What Looks Like a Clam is *Not* a Clam

I saw a quote the other day. Someone said, When it comes to doing and writing, if I have to choose, "doing" will win over writing every time. I like to think I've discovered the balance, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be entirely true. Sometimes doing wins ... sometimes writing wins.

In the recent weeks, Deus Ex Machina and I have been doing a lot, but I haven't been writing so much about what we're doing. In fact, this past weekend, we had a definite "first" experience. It was a blast.

Deus Ex Machina wrote all about it on his blog, and I didn't think I could do a better job of describing our Adventures in Barehanded Clamming.

So, without further ado, I'll let him tell the story.



  1. I have been clamming for more years than I will admit! I like snails just as much as clams and red and blue crab are also divine if foraged.....