Monday, July 2, 2012

Being Prepared Gives Us a Bigger Comfort Zone

While power outages are not an every day occurence here, they do seem to be happening with greater frequency (and it's not just my imgaination, apparently). In fact, any sort of inclement weather can create anxiety ... or if you're my children, anticipation ... about power outages.

We had some pretty significant thunderstorms speed through my area recently, and those fears (or delights) were realized. The electricity blipped off. What's funny is that it took us a good five minutes to realize that we did not have any electricity, and, then, it was like, "Huh. The power is out."

Then, we had an awesome moment when we realized that not having grid power was just not a big deal, and one reason is that even without our whole house electrified with grid power, we have the comfort of knowing that we can produce a little of our own - if we have to.

The coolest moment of the evening was when Precious hopped on the bike generator, after she was given a first-hand lesson in how well it worked to meet her desires (i.e. that she could still watch a movie on the computer using the bike generator as a power source ;).

Here at Chez Brown, not having grid power has never been a hardship. It's always been an adventure, and as bizarre as it sounds, it's something my kids often look forward to happening.

The power didn't stay off very long, and we were all a bit disappointed when we returned home from an errand, and it was back on, but hey, the weather forecast is calling for more unsettled weather passing through in the next little while ... there's always tomorrow.


  1. I like it when the power goes out as well. Of course we aren't nearly as prepared as you guys are, but for the most part we are good. I wouldn't want to be in the south though and lose the a/c. At least in the winter if we lose power, we can bundle up, put a tent in the living room, and still be relatively comfortable :-)

  2. I'm here in the south! ;o)

    It's not so bad to lose A/C here. OK..if you're my husband, it's pure torture! lol
    But me? I spritz my body with a spray bottle, drink ice tea, stay in the shade (outside is actually cooler than inside, without a/c.) and move as little as possible during the hottest part of the day. When our a/c went out last month, my husband and son both took off to cooler places..son to a sleepover, and husband out of town visiting. I stayed home, and felt fine. I figure, my ancestors hung out in Ga with petticoats and long dresses and no a/c. I can definitely handle it with shorts and tank top!

  3. I was expecting a power outage, given the temps we were having here (topped out at 107F on Sunday). I had a plan, though: put on swimsuits and take Mason down to the creek. Maybe because I had a plan, I didn't need to use it. ;-)

    Just noticed this: there's a typo in Archdruid's blurb in the sidebar. "Aplomp" should be "aplomb." :-(

  4. @ Larry - Thanks for the heads' up on the typo ;).

  5. Here's hoping the power goes off for a nice long time for your kids, Wendy! But not so long that your deep freeze ceases to be effective....

  6. We had scheduled outages a couple of summers back due to a construction project. The kids and I thought it was wonderful. Was a great test and since they were scheduled & we were notified weeks in advance, we split the time fairly evenly between just spending most of the day out on a family field trip (during one outage a month) to staying home (during the other). Staying home was a great test of what I had in place and what I needed to stock up on. We started investing in more board games that summer. ;)

  7. You are welcome to come join the fun here in NJ. We are on day 9 of no power since the storms last week. We are well prepared so the transition has been smooth. There are times that get tough and the situation loses it's romance but for the most part we are doing well. It is sad to see how this has effected others. We are trying to help where we can. Fortunately people are pulling together rather than fighting - for the most part.