Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Things That Make Me Smile

Sometimes I need days when things don't go so well to remind me of the wonderful life I really have, and when the craziness threatens to consume me, I need to just step back and remind myself that it is those little things

... like ...

Cut flowers growing wild on the side of the road;

A glass (or two) of the foraged apple wine made with apples Deus Ex Machina and I foraged last year with our girls;

And an amazing gift from my tap teacher - taps on my combat boots ;).

... that make life so incredible.

I have an amazing life ... and I'm a very lucky woman.

Sometimes, it really is the little things that matter.


  1. No, Silly! I have an amazing life! I am the luckiest Husband and Dad in the world.

  2. Remember being young and hearing this. "Your momma wears combat boots." And it was meant as a kind of insult. I never really got it. I sounded like something to be proud of to me.

    My Dad still has some of his.

    brenda from ar