Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Chicken-y Chicken

Hey, check it out! A chicken that has the audacity to act like ... a chicken.

One of the chief complaints regarding the Cornish-X chickens is that they don't "act" like chickens. A lot of people call them "meat blobs."

Well, here they are, the "meat blobs" acting exactly like one of the laying hens ... taking a dust bath on a hot day.


  1. Imagine that.

    Now to make some Chicken 'n Slicks! Yum.

  2. Wendy, sorry to leave this in a comment, but I didn't know how to get in touch with you.

    This article is an interesting one on how some Spaniards are returning to a barter system given the economic downturn, and in other ways returning to an economy of years past. I thought you might enjoy it: