Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mixed Messages

An NPR headline claims New Jobless Claims Drop .... A similar headline in the Wall Street Journal states Job Claims Decline.

Both articles use this information as a basis for their optimistic claim that things are picking up.

What's more interesting is the conflicting messages, if one chooses to look a little deeper than headlines. In this article entitled Americans Brace for Next Foreclosure Wave, there is no optimism about a recovery. One of the people featured in the story is facing possible foreclosure. He's lost his job, and his unemployment benefits run out this month - April.

Like many other people (if one reads the finer print articles, rather than the rosy headlines), he will no longer be counted in the statistical data with regard to unemployment numbers - not because he's found a job, but rather because he's no longer eligible for benefits. How many people are there, like him?

I really loved this article entitled Ford Plans to Boost Production ... in China.

Say what???

I thought Ford's plans were interesting considering our faltering US economy and the very significant need to add jobs, here at home ... and then, to juxtapose a story about Ford investing in jobs in China with a story about the financial devastation of Detroit - America's former "Motor City." The article credits GM with the decrease in the unemployment rate, but perhaps there's another reason Michigan is no longer in a pickle.


  1. Everything you wrote here just makes me angry. Guess who will not be buying a Ford?

  2. umm, yeah... about the recovery, I'm not seeing it here in Georgia. I can tell you that many of our patients are calling saying they've lost their job or homes, or still haven't found a job after a year or two. ***chipmunk***

  3. You can add one more to that number. My husband just got suspended from his job in such a way that will make it difficult to get his job back. They want him to get a sleep study first, and I know from experience that those tend to take weeks to get.