Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surprised Myself

It's amazing what one can do when one takes the can't out of the picture.

I told Deus Ex Machina this morning that I couldn't split the wood, but then, we ran out of split wood for the fire in the house.

Guess what I CAN do?


  1. No idea how that shirt made it all the way to Maine, but Boomer Sooner!

    Oh yeah, also congratulations on (start humming Smokey and the Bandit theme) doing what YOU said can't be done! :-)

  2. Ha! Ha! The sweatshirt was a gift from some relatives ;). It's warm.

  3. Nice job! I always wonder if I could split wood if I needed to, and I guess if I needed to, I probably could as well! I love to see pictures of your yard! It gives me hope that we can do a lot with what we have here :-)

  4. Of course!! splitting wood is easy; I don't see why so many women feel they can't do it. One little hint for you if you don't mind though. If you want to split wood more now, get a wood handled maul and cut the handle down to your arm length. This will make it much less awkward and give you more control. Then, on the swing, your hands will start out in the position you have them in the top photo but as you come over and down let your top hand slide down to meet your bottom hand. This concentrates the power of the stroke and is more accurate. I know it will initially feel like you don't have as much control but you'll get used to it. Good job though!

  5. Edifice Rex - do you have any advice on the weight of the maul that would be best ... especially for a novice, like me? :) We also have an ax. What do you think of an ax versus a maul? Deus Ex Machina prefers the maul ... and he's actually planning to get a heavier one - which I'm not sure would work that well for me ;). Of course, sizing the handle would mean that we'd have to have two separate mauls anyway, because he has longer arms than I have.

    It sure did feel good, though :). If I can get the technique right, I can imagine how much more incredible it will feel.

  6. Well, to be honest I'm not sure how they size mauls but we always used 6 lb. sledgehammers at work and they were comfortable to me. But then I swung a sledgehammer for 18 years. You'll do fine with something in that weight; mauls may be slightly lighter, 5 lb maybe? As you use it you will build up the strength needed.
    For years I would only use an axe (single edge) and with good seasoned wood you can split well with an axe but after I gave the mauls a fair try I do actually prefer them. Once you learn the proper technique, the sheer weight of the maul does a lot of the work for you.
    To size either a maul or sledgehammer for yourself, hold the handle with one hand right up against the head. Mark where the handle hits under your armpit and cut it there. This may seem too short at first but you will see it does work better.
    It is a great feeling to be able to split wood like that! Opens up all kinds of possibilities!

  7. Edifice Rex - Deus Ex Machina says our maul is 8 lbs, but since I seem to be taking an interest (*grin*) he's suggested we might want to get a lighter maul for me. He said 6 lbs ;). He's still planning to get a heavier one for himself though (over-achiver :).

    I agree. It does feel kind of good to be able to split the wood with a maul. We've been talking about getting one of thos manual hydraulic woodsplitters, but they're wicked expensive, and frankly, if I can do it with something more simple, I'd rather do it that way.

    Thanks, again, for the advice. I'm having quite a lot of fun exploring all of the possibilities.

    Oh, and it's making a good impression on my girls, too. Yesterday I was splitting some logs, and Little Fire Faery looked at me and said, "You're awesome, Mom!" Such amazing words to hear ;).

  8. Love the big smile and the accomplishment. You did good.

    brenda from ar

  9. I'm 55, have dodgy discs as well as waiting for an operation to release nerves trapped lower down in my spine ( free at point of use healthcare in the UK does sometimes mean you have to wait), but I can still split logs. It is so very satisfying even when it is knotted wood that gets stuck on the axe. Then the whole thing gets raised above my head and swung down with much grunting and shouts of triumph. Our central heating was much too expensive to run with oil (kerosene) costing £800 for 1000L so all winter we relied on wood fires and plenty of clothes.