Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New Dozen

We picked up our first batch of meat birds today. They're about two weeks later than we expected, but that's okay. We have about three weeks until we will be picking up the next dozen.

Day old chicks are cute, no matter what kind of birds they are, and these guys are no exception.

Which, unfortunately, makes my girls want to immediately name them. I said they could, as long as they picked from the list below:

Nugget, Pattie, Roastie, Pie, Dinnah, Suppah, Entree, Fricassee, Cacciatore, Buffalo, Ginger, Barbie-Q, Cordon Bleu, Teri-Yaki, and Parmesan ;).

It's important to keep things in perspective.


  1. Love the names!

  2. Great names! We did the same with calves, chuck, wellington, porter(house)etc. It helps.

    We were discussing chickens from a prepper pov the other day and have started to grappel with the need for seed (a noisy, agressive, useless rooster). Have the same problem with goats, and will soon have the it with rabbits. If you want to maintain a population of animals you need a gene pool and easy access to both sexes.

    Thoughts for smallholders and preppers?

  3. Or old standards such as Tasty, Juicy, Stuffed and Fried.

  4. Alan, since I am in the suburbs on a mere quarter acre, I talk a lot about options for small holders in my book.

    Rabbits are a good choice. They don't take up a lot of room, and with four does and two bucks, you can have a pretty steady supply of meat. Without having to worry too much about muddying your breeding stock ;).

    Quail are a good choice for birds. They're small, and self-perpetuating.

  5. My teen named hers Paco. Which I changed to Paco the Chicken Taco. She was appalled.