Friday, February 3, 2012

Waking Up the Homestead

We've had a mild, rather warm, winter here in southern Maine. In fact, if the groundhog legend is true, spring has arrived. And even if there is no basis in reality for the shadow-seeing rodent's ability to predict the future, Deus Ex Machina and I have noted many other signs of spring - in particular that the time seemed ripe for sugaring.

This time of year is also when we start planning for the garden, and yesterday I spent a small portion of the afternoon writing out our seed order. We'd already gone through the Johnny Seed catalog, circling our choices and marking the pages, and it was just a matter of writing it out on the form.

Every year, Big Little Sister plans a themed garden. Last year, it was a Plants vs. Zombies garden based on the computer game of the same name. The plants in her little garden bed grew okay, even though they were horribly neglected, except by the golden finches, who harvested all of the sunflower seeds for her ;).

This year, she's planning an "animal themed" garden, in which all of the plants she is going to grow have "animal" names - like deer tongue lettuce and snow leopard melons.

Little Fire Faery is getting into the fun, as well. She was gifted a Kidzherbs seed pack, and she also picked out a couple of packets of seeds - in particular sun flowers and, her favorite, nasturtiums - that she wants to try to grow.

Looking at our seed order, I'm realizing that we don't have enough garden space, and I'm already planning for lots of containers filled with compost and seeds this year. We never dug out the compost pile last year, which means it's most likely full of amazing soil. From the looks of it, we have several yards of soil in the compost bin right now, which should fill a few buckets ;), but I'm planning to fill anything that will hold soil.

We even joked about an old toilet ... in which we could grow peas.


  1. WUhahahaha! Peas in an old toilet! Love it!
    Yeah I've got a lot of those tins xmas crap comes in (butter cookies, hot chocolate) and clementine crates that I'm saving for just little frippery flowers and maybe some herbs--we'll see what the annual school herb and plant sale heralds this year.

  2. You're too funny, love it!

    Seed orders bring out the Hope in all of us, yes?

  3. I love the peas-in-the-toilet idea! They could go by the name POO (Peas Of Ours, for example)

    I'm also trying to come up with creative new containers for my garden. An idea a friend of mine had recently was to use empty peanut butter containers (the extra large sized ones) for things like lettuce and marigolds (which can then be put wherever needed in the garden...the marigolds could then be moved to add beauty to an outdoor dinner some night and then moved back into place afterwards in the garden).

  4. I already bought some seeds at the local garden center. Had sticker shock with the price increase since last year.

    I scored some free 5-gallon buckets and use those. I found they are especially good for potatoes. Harvesting is very easy - just turn over the bucket and no fear of cutting the potatoes with your shovel. Cheers. SJ in Vancouver

  5. I want to pot a plant in the pot too. I'm happy to know you have a little redneck in you.

    brenda from ar

  6. I want to pot a plant in the pot too. I'm happy to know you have a little redneck in you.

    brenda from ar