Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making "soft drinks" ... at home ... without High Fructose Corn Syrup

I have some very strange things brewing in my kitchen.

Ever since reading Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz, I've had this (almost) overwhelming urge to ferment things. Luckily, Deus Ex Machina is also into fermenting, and so when I said I wanted to make Kombucha, he was very supportive - and even bought me a starter kit from Urban Farm Fermentory.

I've made several batches with varying degrees of success - with regard to taste. The goal is to find a blend that my daughters will really like, and that they'll find an adequate substitute for store-bought beverages.

I haven't found *the* one, yet, and I think there are a combinations of things that will make the beverage appealing to them. They like sodas, most of which I will not allow them to drink, and I think it's a combination of the bubbly water and the sweetness.

Kombucha is slightly effervescent and slightly sweet, but until today's batch, my kombucha hasn't been overwhelmingly either.

I had the most wonderful surprise this morning while I was bottling my latest batch of kombucha.

It was FIZZY - like soda.

I'm having a blast experimenting with different "tea" flavors. This latest batch is a peppermint blend, and that seems to be one of the family favorites - so far.

My next batch is a chaga/lavender blend. It should be interesting. I hope it fizzes, too ;).


  1. This is encouraging - I am a soda person myself. Definitely the sweetness and the fizz! Interestingly I quit drinking the commercial HFCS version over the holidays and the last few times I've had it, I didn't like it. Maybe I've almost completely quit? I was very sad to learn that Canada Dry ginger ale has HFCS in it. *crying* I thought it didn't. No wonder it tasted so strange to me when I had some.

    I hope to make some fruit syrups to put in regular soda water for homemade Italian sodas. Wish me luck as I've no way to bottle them over here, so it will be only what I can keep in a jar in the fridge. ;)

    Lavender - YUM. I was just reading about how to make lavender syrup a few days ago; the person was using it for a cocktail, but I was pondering it more for lemonade and sodas. :)

  2. Just bottled the lavendar/chaga kombucha. It's delicious! Tastes like a Margarita - so yummy! It's my favorite so far.