Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Dance!

It looks like I might actually be getting the outdoor kitchen I've been nagging asking Deus Ex Machina to build for eternity a few years. Boiling sap this year, I guess, finally convinced him of how great it would be to have a permanent set-up outside for cooking. As much as we love our fire pit with the tri-pod, it's just not as useful for the sorts of cooking we need/want to do outside.

In addition to boiling sap, we're hoping to put the outdoor kitchen to use for canning during the summer. It will save on eletricity, which is, actually, one of the key reasons I want an outdoor kitchen at all.

Lowering our electric bill has been an ongoing pet project of mine, and I sing the Limbo song every month when we get our electric bill. On our last bill, our daily usage (10 kwh/day) was about the same as the previous month's usage , but we'd used less overall (281 kwh/month). My goal is to get it down to 6 kwh/day. The less we use, the more affordable an off-grid system will be for us, and, ultimately, my goal is to be off-grid ... in the suburbs ;).

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