Monday, February 27, 2012

100 Items - Making Power

I have an on-again/off-again series of posts I've been doing over at my other blog that's based on the list of 100 Items to Disappear First.

In my latest post, I explore the whole myth that we "need" electricity.

On a different/related note, my friend sent me a link to this Independent Lens project called "World Without Oil." The synopsis of the project states In May 2007, over 1,800 people combined imagination with insight to create World Without Oil (WWO), a realistic simulation of the first 32 weeks of a global oil shortage chronicled in 1,500 personal blog posts, videos, images and voicemails.

It is believed that the US peaked in oil production in the 1970s and that the world peaked in oil production in 2005, or so. Whether or not we believe that Peak Oil is a reality, it is true that the cost of oil per barrel has been increasing, and it seems that many of the top oil-producing countries have decreased the amount of oil they are extracting. Moreover many of these countries are employing extraction techniques, like pumping wells full of sea water, that suggest their wells aren't as prolific as they once were.

There's always the possibility that the information we're receiving is trumped up or flat-out lies. And it could go either way - the lie. The oil-producing countries may be lying about how much oil they really have, or those who are feeding us stories about those countries' peaks may be lying to us about the coming shortages.

But whether we're being manipulated or lied to really doesn't matter. What matters is what are we going to do about it?

I can't change the lies.

But I can change my life so that their lies don't hurt me or my family, and the first step is to change my attitude from one of fearing the loss of my privileged life to one empowering myself to live comfortably with or without all of these things we, Westerners, have been convinced we need.

In short, we can live so that we don't just survive, but instead thrive.

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