Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holy Cow! I'm On TeeVee!

I was honored this past summer with an opportunity to chat with local television anchor, Lee Nelson. Our interview appeared as part of the Morning Report today and is available for viewing on the WCSH Channel 6 website.

Many thanks to Lee for taking time out of his busy day to chat with me; to his co-anchor Sharon Rose, who helped me set it all up; and to the Morning Report producer, Michael Kmack, who made it all happen!


  1. Well done for the T.V. interveiw.
    I bought your book and it arrived yesterday morning and I have done nothing since !!!
    I couldn't put it down, it's exactly how I see the futur, it's odvious that we have to learn how to feed ourselves without relying on supermarkets.
    I learnt to can when we moved down to the south of France. It's a common thing here, everyone cans food ( well not everyone ).
    When it's rush hour for canning you can be sure that the local shop runs out of rubber joints, everyone buys them.
    We sterilise in a " lessiveuse " which WAS also used for washing clothes before washing machines took over.( which I appreciate the invention to be honest ).
    We don't have the pressure cooker canner over here.
    We can everything from fruit and veg to fish and boeuf bourgignon. To be sure that it's safe we sterilise meat twice.
    We have to grow our own food because financially it would be very difficult but that's not the only reason we grow and raise our chickens.
    I need to know what we are eating I have multiple sclerosis and my hubby had a heart attack at the age of 44.
    We are the guinea-pigs, we are the lost generation that have eaten all the molecules invented in the last 40/50 years. All the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides were fed to us in a wonderful cocktail that even the scientists don't really know the outcome.
    So....Yes, grow your own, make your own. We are the only animal on earth that doesn't know how to feed itself ! How bad is that ?
    We are waiting for autumn,the weather is crazy over here, it was a record 32°c today,I think we are going to manage to get all our tomatoes ripe this year, it's never happened before !
    Thanks again for your wonderful book which I will read again and again.
    Regards Carol.

  2. Nice work! Congratulations! :)


  3. it was a great interview! congrats on the wonderful exposure!!

  4. Great interview, maybe a bit short, but I liked it! Hopefully they will pick up the subject again.

  5. Nice interview Wendy. You looked very comfortable.

    Gav x

  6. Really enjoyed it! Nice work - to you and Mr. Nelson (and their whole crew)!

  7. Well done Wendy - I was so proud of you. Funny this blog community and the feelings it brings up.

    You seemed well at ease and spoke like a professional.

    Hopefully you will inspire many others to make lifestyle changes.

  8. Lovely job, Wendy! I especially like how you framed "thrivalist." I think it's a great way to reach people....not extreme, not panicked, but real.

    So....when will you make it down to the Seacoast? :)