Sunday, September 4, 2011

Greening of Gavin Podcast

Friday evening I called Australia on Skype and spoke with Gavin, from The Greening of Gavin. Of the things we discussed, one was how amazing the Internet is. I told Gavin, that of all of the modern luxuries we enjoy (and which most of us take for granted), if I could keep only one thing, I would choose the Internet - yes, even over indoor plumbing with my on-demand hot water ... well, maybe I'd have to think about that one a little ;).

Regardless, though, I had a really amazing chat with Gavin, even with the whining dogs (mine, not his), and the telephones ringing in the background (again, mine, not his ;). I learned some cool stuff about how similar, and yet, different our lives are, and Gavin is going to try pressure canning, and perhaps, I should be working a little harder on honing my cheese-making skill ;).

Gavin posted the podcast of our chat on his blog. If you're interested, hop over and have a listen, and while you're there, be sure to check out what he's doing. He just built a masonry pizza oven to-die-for, and his Cluckingham Palace is pretty darned cool :).

As for me, I just want to say a hearty THANKS! to Gavin for taking time out of his Saturday morning to talk to me ... and keep an eye on the mailbox ;).

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  1. Thanks Wendy. I had a great time talking to you! I agree 100% that if we could only save on thing, that it should be the Internet (without the bad sites of course).

    Gav x