Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nation of Farmers

Perhaps it's not just one thing that's brought about this great change. It could be almost anything from the poor economy to the locavore movement to fears regarding food security, but over the past five years or so I've noticed a huge increase in the number of farms, farmers and farmer's markets.

In fact, there's been a farmer's market in Portland for some time, and it's grown so popular that there's a waiting list ... for the farmers (!).

Personally, I find that to be very exciting. Not only is Maine reviving its agricultural roots, but also, the local farmers are offering local people first dibs on what they're growing. Maine is becoming the reality Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton envisioned in their book A Nation of Farmers

And it goes even a step further, because, as this article points out, it's not just native Mainers who are getting into the act, but also the immigrant population that has found a home in southern Maine.

I don't get to Portland very often, but it might be worth a trip some Monday ... just to check things out ;).


  1. They have a couple Farmers markets that run in Augusta now as well that I visit from time to time. You are correct in that it appears there is growing interest in "organics".

  2. I just read that book a month or two ago. I enjoyed it. They were preaching to the converted (me) but still a worthwhile read.

  3. We too have lots of farmers markets springing up all over Australia. Many more smaller farms that have much more variety. I love it.

    Gav x