Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bounty ... And I Don't Mean Paper Towels!

I love this time of year. The farmer's market is bursting with good stuff to eat, and what makes it even better is that at this time of year there is always fruit ... lots and lots of fruit.

During our recent foray, we picked up peaches - the Holy Grail of all summer fruits in these parts. It's better than gold, in my opinion and in the opinions of my daughters, who LOVE peaches. We simply can not get enough peaches.

As with all of our seasonal fare, the rule is, eat as much as you want, and the rest get canned, because our growing season is short ... so very, very short, and we have to store some, but it would be no fun if we couldn't also indulge.

We brought home around ten pounds of peaches, a third of which were being sold as "damaged" for about half the cost of the good looking ones. The girls have eaten peaches until they're all sticky and smelling like ... well, peach (Big Little Sister has declared that she's moving to Georgia :).

The three pounds of peaches that were "damaged" are now in jars with a heavy syrup, and we have three quarts of good eating for the winter. We'll also make some peach cobbler for dinner ... and we'll still have a few peaches left for eating tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll make it to the farm stand for more peaches before the season really does end.

In addition, my friend brought more cucumbers to us. While I was canning peaches, I also made more pickles.

We added seven more quarts to the larder today.

But I am also trying something different this year, and I found a recipe for "refridgerator dills." The recipe is a lacto-fermentation recipe (requires the pickles sit on the counter for two days, and then, they're put into the fridge). I have one and a half gallons of lacto-fermented refrigerator pickles. I hope they taste good ;).


  1. Too bad peaches don't do well lacto-fermented, but what you did sounds yummy!

    You should do more lacto-ferments with other veggies... for the gained nutritional value from the fermentation. They don't need to be refrigerated: a cool basement, crawl space or root cellar will suffice.

  2. I tried a recipe for "salted cucumbers" which are basically lacto fermented dills, I think. It's a Russian recipe that didn't come with much in the way of instructions. Except to call for a stone crock and a weighted wooden board and 10-15 cucumbers. I used four and halved the vinegar recipe and used a big glass gallon wire bail jar. Alas, it's a narrow-necked one, so I had to improvise the "weighted board." We'll see how they turn out a month from now...

  3. I made lacto fermented salsa this week. It is delicious!

  4. Tell Big Little Sister she might want to consider South Carolina. I've heard their peaches are better but for some reason Georgia gets all the fame. ;-)

  5. Yum! We love this time of year too. This week we also picked up a box of "seconds" peaches, and put up a couple batches of honey-vanilla peach jam. Mmmm.....

    Happy preserving!

  6. looks so delicious .. Thanks for the post