Monday, July 11, 2011


A friend of mine turned me on to this awesome video series.

Imagine, in 2012, due to resource depletion, the US government has decided to discontinue services to six States, including Maine. Three years later, a documentary film crew from Boston travels into what has become the Unincorporated Territory of Maine or the UTM to complete a six-month film project on the people who stayed behind, playfully self-described as "Vacationlanders."

There are two episodes available online. It views a lot like The Blair Witch Project, only it's a much more realistic and plausible story line, and it's what I write about in my book ...

... answer the question, What if ...?

Although I never considered that the government would simply jettison a few States to save resources for the other States. It's no secret how I feel about what's going on in our world and the government's ability to "save us." I don't think "they" can, or will - at least not all of us. This film brings a whole new realm of possibility to the forefront - that the government will be selective of where they decide to concentrate their assistance efforts, and where *you* are might not be that place, espcially if you live in a sparsely populated State with very little industry and only a couple of representatives in Congress.

Personally, I'm thinking there's not really a lot of "bad" here - no more tourists, no more taxes, and off-grid living, even in the suburbs ;). I'm still looking for the downside to the scenario.

Perhaps the film makers will reveal it in a future clip, but from what they've shown so far, and from reading their synopsis, I would by happy to be a Vacationlander ... although I probably wouldn't shoot at a passing car ... or steal a guy's shoes ;).


  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting about this!

  2. Interesting thought… cut off some states to continue services to the rest. I wonder which other ones would get the axe.

  3. I have to say I like the idea of just being left to fend for ourselves much better than the idea of being under Marshall Law or being hauled away to internment camps... yeah, I really like the thought, as a whole, of just being ... left alone. Talk about a great way to build true community.