Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reasonably Confident ... More Polit-Speak

The article states, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is "reasonably confident" that U.S. consumers are safe from the European E. coli breakout.

"Reasonably confident."

Wow! I feel so much better.

All kidding aside, I'm completely confident that my family is safe from the sort of E. coli breakout that's happening in Europe. We don't buy raw vegetables from the grocery store, and this event is the final straw that has convinced me to eschew any raw vegetables from take-out.

Last night's dinner: bread pudding (our eggs, frozen blueberries from PYO last year), bacon (from last year's pig share), and sauteed wild greens foraged that day.

Don't stop eating, but do know where your food comes from, and if there's any question, cook it. Cooking will kill most food-borne pathogens.

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  1. Well said. Besides the e coli breakout in Europe, the high cost of food here and the natural disasters all over the US we have been more determined to grow more.

    Then, we decided to watch some Documentaries from Instant Netflix (our TV alternative). Shouldn't have done that - Future of Food, Broken Limbs, and a couple of others pointed out, mostly politely I might add, how agribusiness, mainly Monsanto, has cornered the market on corn, wheat, soybeans and cotton and put family farms out of business. I don't want to give up, but geez it's getting harder to provide necessities without supporting "bad" big business.