Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Time to Plant the Corn

In February, Deus Ex Machina and I began watching the maple trees for signs that it was time to tap. We knew they would tell us, and they did, and the result was four gallons of stored maple syrup.

Likewise, I've been watching the oak trees. Native American's taught that when the oak leaves got to be about the size of a squirrel's back foot, it was time to plant the corn. Here, in my part of the country, that time is now.

I'll be planting corn in a community garden with my friends at our local library this weekend, and hopefully, if the rain lets up this week, I'll be planting corn in my own garden before that.

Watching nature for signs is, often, a much better indicator of when it's time to plant than watching the calendar.


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  2. Hey, that's a native lesson I haven't heard/read yet - very interesting. Unfortunately, there are no oak trees native to my neck of the woods - any other tree I can use??

  3. It's too wet to plant corn now...:( Ralph's open pollinated field corn is up now, though :D