Thursday, January 20, 2011

OARS: Challenge #1 - Organize

When I saw Gavin's OARS challenge, my first reaction was this will be easy. I mean, I've been a "prepper" for a long time, right? I was pretty sure that I had everything down, and it would be an easy ride (unlike that Dark Days of Winter Eat Local Challenge ;).

Then, Monday morning, I opened up his blog and saw the first challenge: get organized.

What? Just kill me now.

Organization is not one of my strong points, as evidenced by the nearly complete disarray of my living quarters. **That bunk about a messy desk being evidenced of a messy mind is so not true, by the way.**

My first reaction was I can't do it. I have a teeny, tiny kitchen, and it's just full. There's just no where that I can clean out and designate a special place "just" for disaster preparedness supplies.

Or so I thought.

Then, I decided I needed to clean out and organize my pantry cabinet anyway, and so ...

The top shelf is grains. The second shelf is baking supplies, cereal, and beans. The third shelf is sweetners and nuts. The fourth shelf has dried fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. The fifth shelf is kind of a mishmash of a couple of things that perhaps would be more appropriate on another shelf, but will stay there for the time being (like the crackers). The bottom shelf is the "salad" shelf, or where the oils and vinegars are kept ;). Our dehydrator is on that shelf, too, and perhaps, it's time to find it a home with the rest of the "appliances" and move it out of the food cabinet. The five gallon bucket in front of the cabinet holds flour.

What's funny is that when I started reorganizing and going through the cabinets, and clearing stuff out (like the filter for a dehumidifier we haven't had in ... oh, six years or so !?!), I found that there was plenty of room. In fact, with a bit of shuffling, I'm sure I could fit a lot more stuff.

What's even cooler is that while I was clearing out and reorganizing the pantry, I also neatened up the tea cabinet, and on top of the freezer.

Round the corner, just off the kitchen is a little alcove that we call "the dog room", because it's where our dogs' food dishes are. There's a built-in shelf in the room where I store the food I can during the season. I was able to straighten up the "canned" food shelf, too.

There are a couple of things being stored there (like the Patchouli and the incense supplies) that won't always reside in that area, but that's where it is right now, and even with those things, there was room for things like extra condiments, the few cans of tuna we keep on hand as emergency rations, and peanut butter - which used to live in the pantry cabinet (and may end up back there).

In my house when one of us is right and the other wrong, we always sing the "You were right and I was wrong" song, and so, Gavin,

You were right,
and I was wrong.
And this is my
I was wrong song ...."
:) .

I can organize ... even if I don't want to ;).


  1. The first time I tried to really organize my kitchen cabinets last year was eye opening. I discovered the following:

    --three bottles of paprika, not on purpose. Likewise two boxes of corn starch.
    --a completely empty box that used to contain coffee filters.
    --A small plastic bag of white powder (no, not THAT kind of powder, lol!) It may have been citric acid, it may have been cream of tartar, it may have been any number of things I have picked up at the health food store. But I couldn't remember what it was, and there was no WAY I was tasting it to try to figure it out!
    --a bag od powdered milk that expired in 2008. In my defense, I knew the powdered milk was there, I just
    --a box of Jello powder. Not necessarily unusual, except for the fact that my husband bought this house a year before I moved in 8 years ago, and I can ASSURE you we haven't bought Jello since I got here.

    Hmmm.... guess my cabinet organization was overdue!

  2. I have found that the hardest part of getting organized is STAYING organized :(