Monday, January 17, 2011

Ease on Down and Cuddledown

In the comments section of a post I did a couple of days ago regarding down comforters being "out" (according to fashion experts), a link to a YouTube video showing how some down is collected was posted. The video showed live geese being plucked for their down. Some purveyors of down products were interviewed to determine if the sales people knew where (and how) the down was harvested. Mostly they didn't, and when they were told, by the videographers, that the down may have come from live plucked geese, the sales people were appropriately horrified.

Similarly, I had to admit that I had no idea how the down in the comforters I was promoting was harvested and felt a little ashamed at not being more aware of all of the issues surrounding the products I use in my home and discuss on my blog.

This morning, after reading this article, I feel a little more comforted in my stance. Down may be "out", but in my opinion, if I can only have one blanket on my bed during Maine's cold winters, down is still my choice.

And if/when I need new down bedding for my home, I will not hesitate to patronize this Maine-based company where the down is from farms where the geese are raised for meat and not live plucked.

Plus, it's a Maine company, and we all know how that makes my little heart go pitter-patter ;).

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  1. Bravo, Wendy! Good for you for putting your money where your mouth is ;) I, too, was disturbed about the live-plucking story, and started to question whether my kids' down filled duvets from IKEA had been harvested in that manner...shudder....I can only hope that they were not, but any future purchases will be screened meticulously!