Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mother of Invention

What do you do when you want hot-air popped corn, but you don't have a microwave or an electric hot air popper?

Popped corn is not something new. Our native american ancestors introduced the delicacy to the European colonists.

So, it makes sense that electricity is not a crucial component to making it.

The more I look, the more I find that electricity is a nice luxury, but with it's not a necessity :).


  1. Now that's clever. Tomorrow the piggies and I are going to enjoy some hot air popcorn cooked over the wood stove!

  2. Awesome! So glad you're going to give it a whirl ;). By the way, the popcorn is lighter and fluffier when it's air popped (I had no idea) than it is when it's popped in oil. And it's fun, too.

    Be sure your woodstove is good and hot or the corn won't pop.