Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Than "Just" a Gift

I have such amazing children.

They love this time of year.

They love it, because they love to make and give gifts.

What I love most, though, is that they don't stress over what to give. They simply plan out their list of recipients, and then, go to work making whatever thing it is that they feel confident in their ability to make. It's often pieces of yarn of varying lengths with knots tied in various places - necklaces or bracelets. This year, Big Little Sister is knitting everyone on her list something - scarves, ear warmers, slippers.

I think they're incredible, and their desire to create things with their own hands, rather than stressing over the whole consumerist aspect of the season, is refreshing.

They went into full "elf" mode recently, and after some discussion, Precious decided to make a coloring book for her neice. She drew some pictures, and I helped her bind them and create a cover.

We talked about buying a box of crayons to go with the coloring book, but then, decided that it would be more fun (and way cooler) to make some crayons. So, Precious, Little Fire Faery, and I found some old, broken crayons, took the paper off, put them in an old muffin tin and melted them in the oven set at around 250° (we were going to melt them on the woodstove, but since it's been so warm, the woodstove wasn't hot enough). Then, we poured the melted crayons into some old candy mold trays we had lying around. We were having so much fun, Big Little Sister decided to help us :).

Please ignore the messy counter

While Precious and Big Little Sister were making crayons, Little Fire Faery decided it would be a good time to make a rattle for her baby niece (Did I mention somewhere that I have a second granddaughter? *grin*). She learned how to use the sewing machine today.

She's pictured above with the finished product. I think she did a great job, and I'm betting her niece will love it ;).

We don't even have a tree, yet, but the gifts from this terrific trio are starting to pile up.

They are pretty remarkable girls. I think I could learn a thing or two from them :).

And with their magic elfish ways, I might just have found the motivation I need to start creating some holiday cheer myself.

Oh, are those jingle bells I hear?


  1. Buncha cuties, too! Daughter Dearest used to be really easy to get Christmas presents for… a few puzzles & she was happy.

    We bought a fake tree well over 20 years ago and still use it. It's showing its age — it sheds needles just like a real one now!

  2. Hi Girls,

    Come and look at my blog - you inspired Dolly and I with your lovely gifts. See our photos and our link to this post.

    We made crayons too!

    Thank you :-)

  3. love seeing kids doing something other than watching TV!! well done, mom!

  4. It was an unfortunate point in time when we lost that wonderful "Christmas" feeling and replaced it with the consumerism that we have now. You're doing so well by encouraging your girls to give from the heart. This really is an inspiring post.
    Happy holidays!

  5. Thanks, FARf - they take after their dad ;).

    Frugal Down Under - thanks for the linkback, but I think you and Dolly did pretty well on your own. If anyone is interested, it's a fun read ;). Kudos to you both on your creativity and thriftiness ;).

    Barefoot - They're pretty amazing ;).

    dmarie - I so agree! Thank fully, though, there's not TV watching and very little video watching going on these days here at chez Wendy ;).

    Farmgal - It's unfortunate, isn't it - that it's all about buying the right stuff, and whoever gives the flashiest gift wins? I don't think I really did anything, though. They often just come up with this stuff on their own ;).