Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Fire

I was remarking the other day how it's much easier to pinpoint first than last. I rarely participate in an event knowing that it's the last time I'll do A ... or B, which is really the sad thing about our culture. We rush through so much of our lives without any inkling of how to really live in the moment, which is what makes Friday's {this moment} so remarkable. They're all moments that I look back on at the end of the week, all moments I tried to really savor while they were happening, and I remembered to take a picture, which makes it even better :).

We had our first fire of the season on Sunday night ... when Deus Ex Machina came home from his apprenticeship training weekend.

It feels odd to say that fall is well and truly here. I've only just harvested all of the tomatoes, and just in time, as we had a hard enough frost the other night to coat the car windows.

And the leaves are turning ....

They're actually beyond the turning phase, and many trees are already losing leaves, as evidenced by our yard, which could use a raking.

It just seems too fast. Everything happened too fast this year, and I wish that it was as easy as pulling on the reins and saying "whoa!"

I think I only made it halfway to my goal of 200 jars, and canning season is pretty much done for me. We missed apple picking at the orchard a second time. If we want to be assured of having apples this winter, I'll need to make a special trip to Alfred and hope that I can get some utility apples in bulk at the Giles farm store.

Winter is breathing his icy breath down my neck, and I'm woefully ill-prepared.


  1. You are far more prepared than I am. :)

  2. @ Leigh - Perhaps, but you're still growing things in your garden ;). Mine's little more than scraggly dead vines that really need to be pulled ;).

  3. And sometimes I think the "icy breath creeping up behind us" is worse that the real thing! We too are in the pre-snow scurryflunge. One of these years I suppose winter will come when I expect it, and am 100% ready for it. So far that hasn't happened. A hundred jars put up is still quite a larder. We're waitng for our green house cucumbers to get a little bigger and I will add few more jars to ours. Actually part of me ( probably the little kid side) is looking forward to the first big snow..

  4. 200 jars? Sorry… Mrs. Fetched's mom will do that many *cases* and more some years. LOL

  5. Art - I think it's that anticipation of things to come that makes the "icy breath" so difficult. We know it's going to happen. It's just hard making the transition from growing to harvesting/storing ... at least for me. Now, if I had that greenhouse you're building ... *grin*

    FARf - 200 cases?!?! Holy cow! I don't even know where I'd put 200 cases of jarred food! I think Big Little Sister would lose her bedroom :).

    That said, my girls are weighing the (volunteer) Hubbard squash right now (which will be stored in their "natural" state), and so far, we have 150 lbs of squash. I guess it's as Fleecenik said a while back - Hubbard squash is famine food. Reckon we won't starve ... of course, we may never eat squash again - after this winter ;).