Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing with Deus Ex Machina's Toy

(... and he says get your minds out of the gutter ;).

Several weeks ago, well in advance of the opening of hunting season (this weekend), Deus Ex Machina purchased a trail camera. He's been setting it up in different places around our yard. He says it's so that he can figure out how to properly mount it when he (finally) decides to put it in the woods, but I think it's because he knows his family, and these days, he can always use a good laugh.

At first he had it set-up in the front pointed toward the road, where he got lots of pictures of the comings and goings of our neighbors, the dust after one of the neighbors sped down the road too fast for the camera to register, a few of the girls nostrils when they were too close to the camera, and some weird guy who was lurking a little too close to our yard (but we figured out he was just walking his dog when we saw him a few days later) ... and maybe one or two of me flashing my belly button.

Then, he moved it to the backyard to see if he could get some pictures of animals visiting our compost pile ... and he did, but not quite the animals he'd anticipated. Mostly, he's got pictures of our chickens in the compost pile, and a few like this one ...

I would like to say I was doing a cartwheel, but I'm not quite that agile anymore.

I'm probably having too much fun with the camera, and perhaps it's frustrating Deus Ex Machina a bit, because it's supposed to be capturing deer not dear. There are more pictures of me being silly in front of the camera, but this particular one got the best reaction from my family. When Precious saw this picture, she laughed ... out loud, and said how much she liked the picture. Then she said, and I quote, "I'm so glad you're my mom."

Ah! Be still my heart.

I told her I was so glad she was my daughter.

It was definitely a {this moment}, but it required quite an explanation, because the picture isn't the story. The reaction from my very precious "Precious" is ;).


  1. Awe!!! That is... well... just precious! ;)

    Lee is on the road all the time so we went out and bought cam's for the computer. We just couldn't control ourselves. We had very little dialog going on and just made faces into the camera... There is no way I could be on reality TV. lol Camera's layin' around is just asking for it. ;) LOL

    Hey, we have been toying around with the idea of getting one for the barn. If you dont mind telling me what brand you guys went with? It looks like it takes pretty good picks. Have you had any issues with it?

  2. Hey, Leigh ... I will have Deus Ex Machina answer your questions, because beyond making silly faces, I have very little contact with the camera ;).

  3. Leigh, we picked up a Moutrie Gamespy D-65IR from Cabelas. It was on sale and I have been saving my points (much to Wendy's dismay). It is quite an effort learning how to use it properly ... perhaps, that is why so many people are disappointed with the types of cameras.

  4. My parents have a Cuddeback in their woods near their pond. It takes great pictures, even at night.

    They had to play around with it, too. The first few batches of pictures from it had silly people more than deer or raccoons. :)

  5. Never heard of a trail camera, but I loved the story.

  6. I have heard a lot of positive things about the Moutrie brand.... When I finally purchase one, I will surly have more questions. Thanks for the info.