Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sustainable Mouse Trap

Meet the newest addition to the Wyvern Heath.

The girls' music teacher had him, but he liked to chase the teacher's daughter, who is only three and didn't much like this very large cat chasing her. So, he's living with us now.

His first day was horribly uncomfortable for him, and he stayed freaked out for most of the evening, huddling in a corner and growling any time anyone got too close. He settled down a bit after the first night, and even purred a couple of times.

We sequestered him in a room out of reach of the dogs, and so with the exception of hearing them (and growling each time he does), he hasn't really had any contact. It should be interesting when they come nose-to-nose with each other for the first time.

The girls are completely smitten.

Hopefully, he'll settle in to our routines, accept the dogs as coinhabitants of the house, and decide catching mice is an appropriate vocation. Given the gifts the mice have been leaving all over the place, I'm pretty certain that he'll have plenty to do.

He is named Mr. Pumpkin. I didn't name him, but I have a strict policy of not renaming animals when they arrive with an assigned moniker. Maybe we could expand his name, not change it ... exactly, and call him Mr. Jack, the Pumpkin King. His nickname could be Jack ... or not.


I'll probably just call him the [expletive] cat ... or something ... especially if he latches on to my arm again, like he did the first night. I learned my lesson, though, but if I forget, the slash across my forearm will remind me - when the cat is growling and hissing, don't pick him up!


  1. Ouch. Sure hope he accepts you quickly, too!

    Way back years ago, we moved into a rental house where a couple of cats hung around outdoors: a black cat and a white cat. Our husky had never encountered cats before and thus had no idea what to expect. The white cat purred and weaved between his legs. The black cat hissed and swatted his nose. Luckily it wasn't a deep gash but it was enough to confuse the heck outta the dog. One cat good, one cat bad.

  2. Hi Wendy. I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago...and had to go back and start reading from the beginning lol...great blog. What I find interesting is that I totally agree with the views you've expressed here - and I'm a hard-core conservative. Just goes to show that the big issues we are facing today that are going to impact all of us, are neither left or right issues, or liberal or conservative issues. My husband and I started on our journey of simplifying our lives about 1 1/2 years ago. It's amazing how, with just a few simple life changes, money becomes less of a concern. Keep up the good work! And keep writing!

    BTW, hope your new addition is a good mouser. My beloved cat has no hunting skills LOL.

  3. Glad that the girls are "smitten with the kitten" as it were. I hope he fits in with the family soon.

  4. Congrats on the new kitty! But dont do what I did the first time I caught our barn kitty ransacking a mouse nest (?)... I was chasing the cat all around the barn, trying to save the little pinkies all the while my husband was shaking his head and looking at me like "wth, I thought thats why we got the cat"... I finally laid them all down and walked away. Be strong! LOL :)