Monday, August 23, 2010

Localier Than Thou

Two years ago today the following post appeared on my blog. It was deleted, along with the rest of my blog, in March 2009, and I thought it would be fun to rerun it ... and, yes, in fact, I would still watch Gilligan's Island ... if I watched television. I LOVE reruns :).

So, without further ado ...

August 23, 2008 - I was at the Farmer's Market the other day, arms heavy laden with all of my purchases from the various stalls, standing in front of a couple of baskets of melons and trying to get my girls to pick one (already. Hello! This stuff is heavy! I was trying really hard not to say.) I pointed to a seedless watermelon (Deus Ex Machina's absolute FAVORITE fruit and one he only gets in the summer, because watermelon only grows ... blah, blah ... blah).

I said, "How about that big one right there?" pointing to it with my toe. I had a heavy bag on each shoulders and couldn't even pretend I was going to bend over and pick it up.

This lady leans over to me and says, rather conspiratorily, "Hannaford has watermelon for $3.50."

The look on my face must have been incredulous, like "What in the hell did you just say to me?!"

I said, "Yeah, but they aren't local."

The look on her face was incredulous, like "What in the hell did you just say to me?"

Then, she told me that they were, that Hannaford gets produce from local farmers ... sometimes.

I know damned well that, while Hannaford does source a LOT of local foods, even some produce, which they sell at ridiculously low prices, watermelon is not one of them.

Apples, greenhouse tomatoes, greenhouse lettuce (sometimes), greenhouse basil, potatoes, corn, and the occasional berries - but no watermelon. I'm there EVERY weekend - fifty-two weeks out of the year.

We picked up a yellow watermelon for $3.90, probably half the size of the ones at Hannaford.

That woman moved away from me, carefully. I think she wasn't sure what crazy thing I might do next ... maybe pick out a rump steak at more dollars per pound than they sell rump steak for at Hannaford ... or spend $5 on fruit leathers from "Grammy", which for half the price I could probably buy at Hannaford in a nifty little cardboard box with Spongebob Square Pants dancing across the front.

She's lucky those cloth bags full of apples and potatoes weighed so much, or we might have had to have a long discussion about eating local, high fructose corn syrup, and CAFOs.

And why I don't think watermelon from Hannaford (and grown who-knows-where) is such a great deal ... at any price.


  1. I love this idea about returning to the past. Looks like you are still on track and look at how much you have accomplished! Awesome!

  2. i would have use the way-back-machine to find when my mindset changed to eating healthy. it always meant local was better than not. the seed was planted while at U.C.S.B. decades ago (am i really that old?)

    i am very pleased that the zeitgeist-culīnārius is migrating this direction--however slowly. now if in-and-out burger would just take over the world we would have a semi healthy alternative to the american fast food addiction.