Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Local Dinner

It's been a couple of years since I was (forcing my family into) participating in an eat local challenge. Eating local foods has become just another part of what we do, and it's important enough that we made buying local foods a habit.

Tonight's dinner was the absolute best kind of meal - local and *almost* free ;).

The other day my friend, SnitchMom, called and asked if we wanted some cucumbers. She had been gifted a whole bag that were almost to that too large, too ripe stage, but she was going out of town for a few days and knew she wouldn't get around to doing anything with them.

She thought about who might use them. Two summers ago, she and I did a couple of marathon pickle-making sessions, and we're always trading stories about the various things we're canning and preserving. So when faced with a sure-to-spoil surplus of veg, she knew that I would not let a bunch of cucumbers go to waste.

And I didn't.

For dinner, using the free cucumbers, we had cucumber soup from this recipe. I'd never even heard of cold cucumber soup until we read The Wide Window (A Series of Unfortunate Events #3), but since reading the book, I've always wanted to try it. Frankly, I was not disappointed. The soup was DE-LI-CIOUS!

Even Deus Ex Machina liked it, which is saying something given it was a raw food with no meat ;).

I paired it with a grilled flat bread from this recipe. Deus Ex Machina likes the bread, because it looks like grilled chicken breasts. Big Little Sister likes it, because it's bread.

After a hot afternoon in the woods for our outdoor skills class, coming home and having a couple of bowls of a hearty, *cold* soup was refreshing.

I still have a couple of cukes on the counter. I imagine this weekend after a hot day of yard work we'll be looking forward to some more cucumber soup ... and, of course, some Naan, and perhaps, we'll score some shish kabob-worthy foods at the Farmer's Market, too.

I guess this eating local thing never really does get old ... even if blogging about it every other day does ;).


  1. Don't think for s moment that I did not notice the lack of the requisite quantities of meat. It may have even crossed my mind that I need to get ready for hunting season ... did I mention the great 15 yard practice shot with my bow?

  2. Oh, I didn't think you didn't notice ... I just noticed that you didn't mention it ;) ... and that you ate the cucumber soup without complaint ;).

    If ... er, when you bring home some free, local meat, I'll happily prepare it for you.

  3. You to make me laugh!

    Wendy, we are up to our eye balls in cukes. I hate for them to go to waste as we have exhausted pickling, cucumber dip, and cucumber salad... but honestly Cold soup frightens me a little. Im going to give it try though. ;) I'll get back with you on it. ;)