Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good and Gone AND Gone with a Long Before It

From this article ...

... respondents under the age of 45 were significantly more likely than older ones to say they had considered replacing their pay TV service.

Both Deus Ex Machina and I are under forty-five (in my case "just"), and we actually did "replace" our pay TV service ... except, we didn't really "replace" it, because that would imply that we still watch television shows, and really, we don't.

I didn't participate in the poll (we all know how much I just LOVE telemarketers, and if they had called, I probably wouldn't have talked to them ... very nicely), but I did call to have the cable disconnected ... over a year ago.

And guess what? Even though I know that I can watch a lot of television shows on the Internet, and even though I know that many of the shows I might want to watch I can watch "on demand" through Netflix or rent on DVD, I don't. Television just doesn't really have that great an appeal anymore.

Blogs, however, now there's a serious time sink. Perhaps we should consider getting rid of the Internet here at home ... and we could use the library.

At least it would get us out of the house ;).


  1. Oh, me too! But that's the problem *grin*! I think giving up the Internet connection here at my house would be so much harder than giving up cable was - especially given, for me, giving up the cable was not so difficult ;).

  2. Agreed, I don't miss television at all. And I haven't tried to find shows on the internet. Just not interested.

    But give up the internet? I could probably cut my time back but not completely off.