Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feast, not Famine ... Requires Only a Little Planning

The headline is Wheat prices soar as drought, wildfires destroy fields in Russia.

We are a global economy. What happens in Russia doesn't stay there, and this drought over there will affect us, too.

It's summer time - growing season for most of the US - and there is a bounty of food to be had. Our habit should be eat one now and put two away for winter.

Speaking of ...

I have three quarts of sauerkraut that need to be canned and another cabbage that needs to be sliced and fermented ;).

Yesterday we picked-up four melons from the farm stand - two at $2 each and two at $4 each. EACH - not per pound. This amazingly dry and warm summer we're having has been very good for the heat-loving crops.

So, don't forget eat one now and put two away for winter.

We've been warned, and if we've been stocking up all summer, when the price of everything skyrockets in January, we will have no reason to worry.


  1. Which is exactly why I try to get a little extra whenever we get something-- an extra bag of sugar, an extra box of canning lids, an extra dozen ears of corn. Especially when we can afford it right now and not later when we are tightening the belts and can't afford to spare anything.

    Off the point-- Have you read 'The Host' by Stephanie Meyer? She wrote the Vampire books that sparked the current vampire craze. Anyway, The Host is a different sort of book-- sort of science fiction crossed with doomer/end of the world/survival instinct. I actually learned a couple of things reading it. I couldn't help but think of you a little bit when I read it. It's a good read, I read it in 2 days (bad mama, poptarts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!). Well, if you haven't read it, you might enjoy it. Check it out.

  2. Hey, Jenny - I haven't read any of Meyers' books. My daughter is currently loving the vampire series, and she would be thrilled pink if she saw me reading a book by the same author. I'm not interested in the vampire books, but from your description, I think The Host might just be something I could sink my teeth into (*grin*). I'll check it out, and thanks for the recommendation ;).