Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I think I may have allowed this one to get too big. It weighs more than 11lbs.

But I'll be completely honest. I didn't plant it. It was a volunteer, and frankly, other than having cooked a couple of them, I haven't the foggiest clue about when to harvest or what the optimum size is.

Any advice?

There are several more growing out there, and if this one is too big, there are probably several others that need picking - sooner rather than later.


  1. Yes, it is a hubbard squash. I purchased its parent from the Farmer's Market in the fall, and it grew from seeds that survived both the winter AND the compost pile (resilient little bugger!).

    Any thoughts? Advice? ;).


    Not too garden savvy, can't you let them grow until they start to rot or the stem breaks? That's what my limited knowledge suggests. But they can be stored for six months at ideal temp so maybe you could harvest a few now and then before frost and have a steady supply?

  3. Hubbards are quite large by nature... 11 pounds is actually on the small side.

    I've always harvested winter squash when the vines have died back and the skins are hard and can't be scratched with a fingernail (not too long before frost). If it hasn't cured on the vine, it won't last long in storage.

    Good luck, Wendy. And hope you have a machete to cut that bad boy open! ;)

  4. Thanks for your help, Liz and Alyse. The ones I bought from the Farmer's Market were about half the size of this one, and so I guess those were late ones or something, and yes, they did store for a very long time. In fact, I bought them in the fall, and we didn't eat them until March. They were stored on the floor in my "not optimal storage space" bedroom ;).

    For the rest of what's on the vine, I'll practice my very well-refined "wait and see" method of gardening :). It'll be interesting (and a little scary - egads!) to see how big they do get ;).

    And, Liz - hey there! Long time no see ;). Hope things are going well for you. I miss your blog :).

  5. Famine food...let them grow until they don't:)

    Hubbards are primeveal:)

  6. Fleecenik - it's funny that you say that ... famine food, because I've been looking at this crazy-all-over-the-place vine and all of the fruit that it's producing and thinking if it's a bad winter, at least we'd have squash ;).

    I will do as everyone has suggested and thank you so much for your help ;).

  7. save it until you want to cook it down a LOT! It isn't bad as a replacement for pumpkin in pie....good for bread....also, not too bad (though a little dry) if you slice some up, roast it, and then put on pizza. Yumm...

    I can't believe how big it is already!!!