Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry for the Inconvenience

I have a comment spammer. At first it was just every so often, but now it's with nearly every post. As such, I will be moderating comments for a while. Hopefully it will stop.

I hate spammers.

They're such a drag.


  1. Spam is what got me moderating comments. At first I really hated to do it, and I'd turn off moderation as soon as possible. Over time it became easier to just leave it on.

    That has now come in handy several times when people used a comment to get in touch with me quickly. I could read it and delete it without anyone else being privy to private conversation. It's also much faster for getting rid of the spam than having to delete some that's already published.

    Good luck!

  2. yeah I have a spammer that posts in chinese characters.grrrr I guess i should figure out how I need to report them but I've had moderation on for a while now

  3. Stephanie, mine was the same kind of thing - a spammer who posted in Chinese characters followed by a bunch of dots and the dots were links to who-knows-what-kind-of-sites. I would delete the comment, but they were becoming more frequent, and it was starting to be a drag to delete the comment. So, moderated comments ... which are also a drag, but oh well.

    Chile, that's a good point about people contacting you through comments and being able to do so privately. I guess that's a pretty cool feature of moderated comments ;).