Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Deus Ex Machina brought home these two tree branches. He thinned them from a stand of larger, healthier trees that were shading them, as they would not have grown anyway. They're poplar, he tells me, and we thought they were dead. I mean, isn't that logical? When one cuts down a tree or coppices a limp, that part that was severed from the tree is no longer alive.

This weekend, we discovered that the one on the right has quite a zest for life, and has, apparently, decided to regrow itself. We're debating whether we should plant the stick.

There's so much about this world, about nature, about the propagation of life that we simply do not know, but we'll definitely need to relearn those lessons.

We have so much to learn.


  1. well that is pretty durn cool. I would say plant it, but you have mentioned before that you have many trees on your property and have a hard time finding places to grow food. Too bad it isn't a nut or fruit tree, huh?

  2. What nice surprise!? I love poplar... They grow super fast!

  3. Wendy,
    I was searching for the link that you posted to the youtube video that you had on your page a while back. It talked of the depression era and being prepared. (I thought that video said it all) If you wouldn't mind emailing me the link. I wanted send a link to that blog post to a friend. (I hope all that just made sense?) Thanks

  4. Leigh, I think it might have been this video - from the Automatic Earth. Let me know if it was something else ;).