Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holy Smokes! A Moose ... On the Loose!

This story in today's paper has, so far, just been quite interesting (I'm hoping the moose can be relocated and not destroyed, as is too often the case when animals and people collide).

As I was looking at the satellite photos of where he was, though, I couldn't help, but wonder, how in the hell did he get there? There's an awful lot of "city" to traverse ... unless he wandered into the bay during low tide, and then jumped up onto dry land as the tide came in - which is the most likely scenario, now that I think about it, because Back Cove isn't too far from Deering Oaks pond, which is where he was caught on film, taking a dip in the cool water ;).


Good luck, Bullwinkle! I hope you find your way out of the chaos that is a human habitat and back safe into your own.


  1. Hee hee, you crazy Lower 48ers! I'm actually not surprised he made it that far at all! They're wily creatures. And killers--don't be fooled by their goofy looks!
    (My HS mascot was the Moose!)

  2. Bezzie's right, they are dangerous. Even though they look docile, they will attack if you get too close.

    I remember a moose that hung around our little town in VT some years ago, and drew quite a crowd. Unfortunately, he misjudged a train.

    I hope your moose has found his way back to the woods!

  3. Oh, make no mistake, I do know how dangerous they are, and unfortuntely, I didn't get to witness the "little" fellow running around Portland. I just know that too often when moose and deer and other wild animals end up in the city, they usually get hit by a car, which is bad all the way around - for the drivers and for the moose. And the reason I as so surprised by how far he'd gotten was that I know how busy those roads are. It's a wonder he wasn't hit. I know, *I* wouldn't cross a couple of those roads on foot!

    It sounds like he did get back into the woods, which is good :). Let's hope he stays there.