Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's For Dinner

The first batch of broilers came back from the butcher yesterday, and we had smoked chicken for dinner, accompanied by a green salad and some banana bread topped with strawberry jam ;).

The chicken and salad were produced right here on our nanofarm.

The strawberries were locally picked.

The bread was homemade using bananas purchased to be sold at the recital this past weekend. They were overly ripe and would have been thrown away. I took them and made six loaves of banana bread, four of which were donated and sold as baked goods in the concessions stand.

Lunch today is chicken soup (local potatoes and tomato; homegrown greens, onions and peas; and dried lentils) with homemade bread.

Eating local has become easier than ever, and it's always delicious.

We've significantly reduced our food miles, and even though I can't prove it, (because I haven't been keeping track), I know we've lowered the amount we spend on food, too.

Now, the challenge is to lower the cost of food preparation ... but that will take some drastic changes, and perhaps a small investment in time and money to build an outdoor kitchen ;).


  1. Wendy, thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hello. I love those chipmunks, but they can be a little pesty at times. I find your blog very intelligent, and bursting with information. I admire your courage and time putting energy into what you believe in. I am not quite where you are. I think I can learn a lot from reading what you have to say, and I am looking forward to that. HUgs, Kathleen

  2. "Nanofarm" - I love it!

    I'm slowly getting back to more homemade meals now that we're slightly more settled in. My pantry is still a disaster - food still in a couple of totes, but at least the CSA share is getting used up each week.

    I just noticed a craigslist ad for someone in my region that has honey (yay!) and spices including cloves. We've grown a fair number of herbs but I didn't know cloves would grow here so it's now on my sweetie's "I want this in my garden" list.