Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good News ... And Bad News

The good news is that we're finally getting that much needed rain.

The bad news is that I neglected to take my clothes off the line last night, and now they're getting all wet.

My options are to:

1. Leave them out there until it stops raining and just let them get rinsed and then dry.

2. Take them down and hang them inside on the drying rack.

3. Take them down and put them in the dryer.

Option three is pretty much a non-option, because I feel like it's a waste of energy, and I'm really leaning toward option one, because it requires the least from me.

The rain is a good thing, though, and even with the rain-soaked clothes on the line, I'm not complaining ;). In fact, I'm hoping the rain barrels fill up.


  1. I opt for 1 as well - that's what I'd do - unless someone needed something on there ;}

    I admit this rain makes me wish we had gutters and rain barrels.

  2. I second the "opt for 1" notion and I'm wishing we had some of that rain.

  3. I have the exact same dilemma. I'm going with option 1. :)

  4. Check your forecast. Down in MA, it's supposed to rain on and off all week. If yours is similar, you might want to go for option 2 so things don't moldy.

  5. #1, it's easy..... just like you said, it would be no fun to have to carry wet clothes inside....... I have to do another post tonight!! About King's tail.

  6. Verdict: I left the clothes on the line outside, and they got rained on for a day.

    Today is supposed to be sunny (or partly cloudy, but *not* with a chance of meatballs - WarriorCatLover :), and, hopefully, they'll get dry ... and not smell bad ... and we can bring them in and fold them. The only real bummer is that, because I didn't bring in this load, I've wasted a sunny day drying clothes that were probably already dry, and now I can't do another load. Drat!

  7. good luck with the rained on clothes. My experience has been they don't smell as fresh as they would have if I had brought them in. YMMV. Worst case, you have to rewash them if they stink.