Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blooming Where You're Planted


With thanks to 4Bushel Farmgal for turning me onto this project.


I spend a lot of time trying to convince people to bloom where they're planted, especially people who bemoan the fact that they don't have enough land to have a garden. It's been my premise for a lot of years that it's not what you have, it's what you do with it, and the more I believe it, the more other people prove me right.

4Bushel Farmgal is a good example with her container garden. And Bezzie, over at Random Meanderings, is another great example of a really creative container gardener (seriously, one year, she grew flowers in a pair of socks. She's amazing!)

I've seen all sorts of gardens from the hydroponic window garden to Green Roofs and Living Walls to this one - a garden planted in a truck bed.

Of all of them, I think the truck farm excites me the most - not because I particularly like trucks, but if he were to modify a cap for his truck bed, he could, totally, grow food year round.

Now, I'm thinking I need to find an old truck with a cap so that I can have my four-season garden, and if we were to get rid of one of our cars, then we'd have space in the driveway for our "greenhouse" ... er, truck.

I'm thinking that our town planning board wouldn't be able to prohibit a truck greenhouse :).* And the cab would be a great place to store all of our tools ... or for use as a solar dehydrator ;).

*Per town ordinance, we're allowed to have one non-registered car parked in our yard. A candy apple red truck on yellow cinderblocks with a cap that was modified to allow for maximum light penetration ... sounds pretty snazzy to me ;).


  1. Woah! How cool is that truck!
    I love the idea of you making this a "greenhouse."

    It would be really easy to find a beater and put it on blocks. My old man had a candy apple red Dodge truck in our front yard. He made my brothers paint it w/red housepaint one day...easy peasy. You should totally do this!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was tickled pink (or maybe candy apple red!) when I saw it.

    My "dream garden" would be in an old International, left in its original dull green-grey paint ;) and I'd drive around in old jeans and workboots! Who needs a gazillion buck retirement?!!! Do you think my condo association would mind? :)

  3. Great post, and so true. I used to live in the country...and ive been back in the burbs for the past 10 years now...i just recently (past couple years) figured out i can still enjoy the country where i live...i put up a bamboo fence, put in a pond and a firepit..and planted like a crazy person...and lots of container plantings too...Along with Mother earth news, im now hooked on URBAN FARM mag...has awesome ideas for those who dont have alot of land!

  4. The truck farm is great!
    I agree, it doesn't take a lot of space to grow at least some things. I have a small square foot garden, some containers on my porch, and some earthboxes in my yard. It's surprising how much you can get from small spaces. And I have very little sun.

  5. container gardening isn't the same as a regular garden but better than store bought tomatoes.