Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's the Buzz? Tell Me What's Happening.

The other day Vinnie emailed the YouTube link for Part 1 (of 6) of the movie Blood and Oil to Deus Ex Machina, who forwarded it to me.

I watched Part 1 this morning, and started watching Part 2. I think I've seen it before. It seemed familiar, but then, it's possible that I've just heard it all before on different sources in the several years that I've been paying attention to the Peak Oil news and information. As I mentioned to Deus Ex Machina, if one is prone to believing in conspiracy theories, then this film will solidify all fears. The problem is that there's no conspiracy. It's all been right out in the open.

According to the film, back in 1945, then President, Roosevelt made a pact with the King of the Royal family of Arabian Peninsula, whose name is Saud (the Arabian Peninsula is named after this family and the country is called Saudi Arabia). The meeting between our President and the absolute monarch, King Abdullah Assisi (who arrived with his entourage which included slaves ... and that's okay with us??), was not recorded, and so the exact nature of the contract is not known, but every President since Roosevelt has upheld the contract.

A contract for oil with a nation that is notoriously oppressive of its people - especially women (among other things, women can not drive or go to the doctor without a male family member's permission). Don't we, usually, invade countries who openly, continually, and remorselessly trample basic human rights? How is what the King of Saudi Arabia does different than what Saddam Hussein and the Taliban did in Iraq and Afghnistan? How is this guy different than Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, King Alexander of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, or Mikhail Milosevic?

The difference is that the King of the Sauds is our buddy and allows us to purchase his oil, but the others either had no oil or weren't interested in sharing with us.

Interestingly, our biggest enemy in recent years, who was the founder of the group that has been implicated in the terror attacks in New York City in 2001, is a Saudi national, and a member of a prominent Saudi family, and the guys on the planes? They were citizens of Saudi Arabia. That fact has always puzzled me and has amplified my propensity toward believing in the conspiracy theories.

Also according to the film, we have been supplying Saudi Arabia with weaponry and training for decades (and we also trained the Afghanis and supplied them with weapons in their war against the Russians. Guess that came back to bite us in the ass).

I don't know if I have a point ... or maybe my point is what I also said to Deus Ex Machina. In addition to continuing to publicly support the Saudis for the past six decades, many, many of our Presidents have come out and said, in almost these same words, "Americans are addicted to oil. *WE* need to wean ourselves and find alternatives." Nixon, Carter and G.W. Bush all said it.

But we didn't listen. And, worse, every time there's an increase in the price of gasoline, we complain, and the government says, "Okay, we'll fix it", which means having our leaders prostrate themselves in front of an oppressive dictator who has little or no regard for the people under his boot heel.

It strikes me a little too much like the French Royal Family (and something about the people starving and the monarchy not caring so very much, as long as he had the money he needed to build his palaces).

Or perhaps, it's a bit like King George III, who was not a tyrant or a horrible ruler, by contrast, but who simply didn't understand what life was like across the ocean and levied taxes that the colonists could not or would not pay, especially considering that they had no voice in how they were being governed.

In this country, our ancestors fought against that sort of oppressive monarch, and our government was set-up so that we couldn't have such a person running our country.

And, yet, here we are paying homage to that very same type of tyrant so that we can burn a few more miles of rubber on that ribbon of a highway.

Okay, I know that it's more than just driving our cars, but when we consider that 80% of the oil used in this country is for the transportation industry, a good lot of it is being used so that we can transport things from one coast to the other - mostly food and goods, many of which can be ... could be ... should be! ... manufactured or grown locally.

My circle of influence is relatively small. In short, I can't control what our government does. What I can control is how much gasoline I burn, how much water I use, and how much electricity I use. I can control how I heat my house. I can control what's for dinner. I can grow (some of) my own fruits and vegetables, raise my own meat, and now, even sweeten my own tea.

Please bid welcome to the newest members of the Wyvern Heath:

10,000 Maniacs ... er, honeybees ;).

And that brave little soul, Little Fire Faery, rode home with them on her lap.

I can't control what our government does, but I can listen beyond the words they are saying and take an example from their actions.

Raising bees is just one more step on our path to self-sufficiency.


  1. The arrangement with Saudi Arabia of course had some to do with oil, but the full-blown conspiracy theory is, I think, over-blown. A large part of the deal had to do with the fact that it was the dawn of the Cold War and Saud was very anticommunist - the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The U.S. tolerated many bad regimes over the decades b/c they were anticommunist.

    Saudi Arabia is screwed up, but I'd look to more sources since I think the video series is biased. A major clue is that Noam Chomsky is a fan.

    Is part of why we went to Iraq related to secure oil sources for the future? Some, but there were many reasons, not just one. I suggest, "Spies, Lies, and Weapons":

    BTW, congrats on the bees! It'll be a couple years before we can do likewise.

  2. Suburban, thanks for your suggestion and your voice of reason (I had to laugh at the comment Noam Chomsky is a fan :).

    I don't (entirely) believe in all of the conspiracy theories, but at the same time, I take a look at what's happening, and either the people in charge are the world's biggest idiots ... or they're incredibly smart and everything is going according to their evil master plan for world dominance :). Either way, I think folks, like me, are screwed, and the best thing I can do for myself is ... to get some bees ;).