Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rotating the Flock

The broilers spent their first night outside. They did fine, and when I checked on them today, they seemed very happy with their new, larger accommodations.

Deus Ex Machina and I are discussing some redesign plans for our chicken tractor to make the roof more secure and weather-proof.

The next set of broilers will be here on Friday :).


  1. I wish there was a better name for them before they BECAME broilers. I kind of imagine them walking around with a nice coating of barbeque sauce.

  2. Kaye - LOL! I could probably refer to them as "chickens", but in the interest of distinguishing them from our laying hens and pullets, it's easier to call them broilers ... or meat blobs, but that doesn't sound much better, does it? ;)

  3. We called them nuggets and our first batch went into the freezer yesterday afternoon ;]