Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pollinators ... the Next Dance Craze

When Little Fire Faery and I went out to take care of the animals this morning, I looked up into the peach tree and saw a bumble bee.

"Look!" I exclaimed, "A pollinator!"

She looked up into the peach tree she was standing under and said, "A honey bee! There's a honey bee over here!"

So, I ran over to her tree, and asked where. She pointed, and we ooh'd and ahh'd over the bee, and then, we saw another honeybee and giggled with delight.

Standing under the tree, we both did a little dance while chanting, "We've got pollinators. We've got pollinators."

Is that weird?


  1. That is absolutely, positively NOT weird.

  2. Just a little sad... Remember when they were everywhere?

  3. I want to know what those BIG ASS bees are called. They're too big to be honeybees, but they've got big old butts and they LOVE apple blossoms.
    They're everywhere here!

  4. You must be lucky! I haven't noticed any around here. There should be tons of them by now with all the flowering trees and bushes blooming. Makes me wonder how the local crops will do this year...

  5. Do you know that Bees have a dance too. It is called the waggle dance and they use it to communicate where they have been that day.

    NOVA had a show on about it years ago.

  6. Well, in a bit more than a week, we should be enlisting the help of about 30,000 more pollinators. It is nice to know there are some natives to show them around - assuming bees aren't like human Mainers.

  7. Yay! We have hideous ivy trying to overtake the fence at our new place (and seeding all over the place) but I haven't gotten rid of it yet because the bees LOVE it. I can spend hours watching them buzz around, filling their little pantaloons up with bright yellow pollen. Once I get a few other things in, I'm going to replace the ivy with passionfruit, but the bees' presence is far to precious to toy with!